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BeAdora Black Line series - activate the gene of youth in 28 days

When innovation meets art and experience, an exquisite synthesis of refined

textures with a captivating aroma and a unique action on the skin is obtained

      We present to you the newest cosmetic brand BeAdora Black Line, containing the world's first active ingredient "Lakesis", which reactivates the Klotho gene of youth. Derived from the resin of the Mastic Tree, Lakesis becomes a revolutionary ingredient that is proven to reactivate cellular activity and detoxification. Strengthens the regeneration of the dermal matrix. After 28 days, the skin looks plumper and younger. The contour of the face is tightened and renewed.

BeAdora's composition includes a whole constellation of effective active ingredients:

LAKESIS - reactivates the Klotho gene of youth

For the first time in 2005, after continuous research, scientists identi­ed the protein of youth Klotho, which is directly linked with aging of the cell. The decrease in Klotho expression starts very early during the ageing process: from roughly 30 years. More recently, scientists in Codif Laboratories extracting highly concentrated oil from crystal drops collected on Pistacia lentiscus, a tree which is native to the Island of Chios (Greece) and named it Lakesis. Researchers have shown that the highly innovative Lakesis reactivates the cellular detoxication process and cellular activity. Promotes redensi­cation of dermal matrix. Skin seems younger and thicker. Facial contours appear to be redrawn.

BEAUTIFEYE –treats the global contour of the eye

BEAUTIFEYE™ is a cosmetic agent of natural origin, composed of an extract of Albizia julibrissin recognised for its anti-glycation properties, and darutoside, extracted from Siegesbeckia orientalis, recognised for its dermis strengthening properties. Beautifeye is developed by Sederma Laboratories and is the first ingredient of its kind demonstrated to have a lifting action on the sagging upper eyelid. It treats the global contour of the eye: lifts the upper eyelid, reduces crow’s feet wrinkles, fades away dark circles and diminishes puffiness.

ESP SEAFILL – instant lifting effect

EPS SEAFILL is a unique, pure and natural ExoPolySaccharide (EPS), produced by a marine plankton microorganism collected from the Mer d’Iroise o  the coast of Brest in Brittany, France. Marine ExoPolySaccharides have no land based equivalent, they therefore represent a new and original source of molecules. Its high molecular weight ­lls in the furrows and smoothes out the relief of the skin. Clinical research proven that EPS SEAFILL provides the following cosmetic effects:

Tightening effect on the collagen fibre network

Immediate smoothing effect (15 min)

Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 min)

CUBE³ – Hyaluronic acid with an immediate hydrating effect

CUBE³ is a new generation of hyaluronic acid, developed by the Swiss company Principium. It focuses on the efficacy screening and rapid action mechanism: penetrates quickly into the skin and enhanced skin penetration of active ingredients; immediately increases skin hydration and elasticity - even in the first 30min after application; short term lifting effect

CAVIAR CONCENTRATE – a combination of purely active components

Caviar Concentrate of the Helix Aspersa Maxima species delivers proteins, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, phospholipids, polysaccharides, and other humidifiers to nourish skin and form a delicate film, thus providing optimum skin hydration. Collagen and elastin boost the skin’s firmness, tone, and elasticity and delay the aging process.

The BeAdora series offers 5 cosmetic products in high-quality black glass packaging, tailored to the specific requirements of the skin at different times of the day.

Intensive moisturizer

Provides optimal long-lasting hydration of the skin in depth. Smoothes fine lines and reduces wrinkles, giving the skin a radiant smoothness.

Multi-active eye serum

It has a complex effect on the formation of mimic wrinkles, reduces the tired look, bags and dark circles around the eyes. Makes the delicate area around the eyes smooth and tight.

Lifting Age-Reverse Serum

A fast-absorbing emulsion that lifts sagging skin and smoothes wrinkles through a unique skin tightening system.

Restorative night cream

It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles by accelerating skin regeneration at night and contributing to silky smooth skin in the morning.

Skin elixir with an instant effect

It offers a whole new feel to the skin. It’s extremely soft texture masks fine lines, wrinkles, pores and irregularities by immediately penetrating the skin and giving it a smooth and delicate matte finish.

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