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                         COSMETIC SERIES

                          Lavender & Honey

               with lavender & honey extracts 

Cosmetic series Lavender & Honey, created in the laboratories of Bulgarian Rose Plc, is a fragrant combination of emblematic for Bulgaria and possessing generally recognized useful properties - lavender and honey.  All products contain carefully selected natural active ingredients, vegetable oils and extracts, and contribute to intensive hydration, nourishment and revitalization of hair and skin. The series combines the precious properties of honey extract with a unique, for Bulgaria, phytocomplex of lavender, created under the patented technology /Molecular bioliquefaction® technology/, especially developed for Bulgarian Rose Plc Karlovo by the company PHENBIOX SRL, jointly with the University of Bologna.

Phytocomplex of lavender / Bioliquefied Bulgarian Lavender / is a low molecular weight active extract of lavender racemes, obtained by enzymatic biocatalysts allowing to extract all bioactive ingredients contained in the plant. It is rich in phenols, saccharides  and antioxidants which protect skin from free radicals and have an effect that counteracts aging.

Active extract honey - contains vitamins and minerals which nourish, restore and keep the natural moisture of skin while maintaining its velvet softness and elasticity.

Effects of the products combined with the balanced scent of honey and lavender turn daily beauty care into pleasure for the senses.

Products of the series Lavender & Honey do not contain parabens.

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