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                                  COSMETIC SERIES

                                 ROSE BERRY Nature

                           100% Rose oil &  Goji berry

Cosmetic series Rose Berry Nature has been developed for care for face, hair and body. Selected raw materials and technologies provide a solution, on how to keep healthy and youthful appearance of the skin, the brilliance of beautiful and vital hair. Developed products are based on a wide participation of natural active ingredients with proven effect. The complex of natural rose oil and goji berry extract in each product is supplemented by natural oils and extracts in line with the intended use of the products.

Natural rose oil and rose water, obtained by distillation of the flowers of Rosa damascena Mill, Rosaceae are suitable for all skin types. Soothe irritated skin and keep its fresh appearance in fatigue and stress. Smooth and revitalize skin. Assist in deletion of puffiness and signs of aging.

Goji berry extract is obtained from the fruits of Lycium barbarum L, Solanaceae. In Central Asia, the fruits Goji berry are known as "the miracle of the Himalayas", "the secret of longevity," "the magical fruit of youth." Goji berry extract helps to delay the process of aging by improving the cellular metabolism and accelerates the growth of new cells, by which the skin becomes soft and supple. Thanks to its rich composition of vitamins B group, amino acids, polysaccharides and antioxidants goji berry extract refreshes the body, eliminates the feeling of fatigue, prevents the harmful effects of free radicals which are damaging cells in the body.

Cosmetic series Rose Berry Nature has been especially developed to restore and maintain freshness, softness and elasticity of skin of the face and body, to protect and confer healthy and beautiful appearance of hair.

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